Friday, February 24, 2012

My Favorite Sites #1: Her Campus

This is the first post in my new little series called "My Favorite Sites!" Let me know if you like it and if you want to see more. 

The first site I decided to feature is Her Campus. They are an online magazine that has everything from beauty to job & internship listings, this site literally has it all. It's mainly geared towards college-level girls, but I think it's the perfect site for any teenage girl. I've learned so much from the site and continue to check it daily. 

Her Campus is holding a campaign called One Million Collegiettes, which has been taking place during the entire month of February. They are trying to get one million hits on the site during the month. If they succeed, they are going to donate one million site impressions to She's the First, which is huge!! Please help Her Campus and She's the First by checking out the Her Campus site all throughout this month. PS: Her Campus is also holding daily giveaways with awesome prizes, so you should enter those everyday as well!

I also am a Publicity Ambassador at Her Campus, which is amazing and so much fun! Our ongoing assignment at the moment is to publicize a certain article on the Her Campus site. I was given "The Fastest Way to Pretty: 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Getting-Ready Routine." It'd be amazing if you could click on that link & help my article get the most views! It's an very helpful article that every girl can learn something from. I even made a Youtube video inspired by the article, which you can watch below. 

xo, Alanna


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