Friday, August 17, 2012

My Back to School Wishlist!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share my back to school wishlist for 2012. I can't believe it's already time for school, this summer flew by!! Anyway, there's actually not too many things I think I need this year. What are your must haves for this school year (besides super awesome school supplies, of course!)?

The first thing I want is a fun pair of Sperry's boat shoes. I love these cheetah print ones & although I'm not sure if these are the exact pair I want, I definitely would like to add another pair to my shoe collection.

The next thing is a Vera Bradley backpack! I really like this style & print, but I'm going to have to see all the new ones in stores before I make a set decision on the one I want. 

Next is arm candy!! It's kind of vague...but basically, I just want a bunch of new bracelets & possibly a watch.

I also want a super cute dress for the first day of school! I haven't decided on an exact dress yet, but I'm going to channel my inner Taylor Swift to find a cute sundress to wear!

Next on my list is a good pair of combat boots, particularly the Steve Madden Troopa boots in black. I was actually lucky enough to have these sent to me by Lockerz, so I can cross them off my list :)

Next is a denim jacket. This has literally been on my wishlist for a year now, so it's about time I invest in one!

And the final thing on my guessed it, colored denim! I am so obsessed with this trend & I want to carry it into fall & winter. I'll probably get some darker colors that are more appropriate for the fall, but I definitely must get more colored pants.

xo, Alanna

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Sweet Sixteen!

Hey everyone!

So I recently had my sweet 16 party & I wanted to share the pictures I took that night! I set up a photobooth, complete with a backdrop & props, for the party and let me tell was SO much fun! I definitely recommend it for any parties you might be planning :) I hope you enjoy these pictures & maybe get a laugh out of a few of them! 

xo, Alanna