Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Rainy Tuesday

This outfit was inspired by Bethany, or MacBarbie07's, rainy day outfits video. I absolutely love her style and take inspiration from all of her outfits. I woke up to a rainy, dreary Tuesday morning and decided to pull some pieces from my closet that were similar to Bethany's first outfit in the video and this is what I came up with. I think this look is so cute! Without the scarf, the outfit is kind of plain, but by popping on that scarf my outfit was instantly more girly and polished. Best believe this is one of my new favorite fall outfits and I'll probably rock things similar to it more often! I also styled my hair differently than usual, and I love it! I'll film a tutorial soon so you all can rock this look too.

Jeans from Forever 21:
I love how comfortable and inexpensive Forever 21 jeans are, I own so many different pairs!

Cardigan from American Eagle:
I'm in love with navy blue cardigans and this one from American Eagle is so soft and keeps me warm on chilly, rainy days.

Tank top from Old Navy:
Every girl owns a basic tank top that goes with every outfit and every season, this is mine. 

Riding boots from Target:
They are so comfy and I love how they look now that I've worn them down a little bit. I love the look of "worn in" boots.

Scarf from my mom's closet:
I often find myself digging through my mom's huge collection of scarves when I need to spice up an outfit. This scarf added a pop that made the outfit stand out a bit more.

Earrings from American Eagle:
I love these earrings! I got them for Christmas a couple years ago, and they give a girly touch to any outfit.

xo, Alanna

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